Perspectives in Social Neuroscience: Understanding Others – From Psychological Concepts to Neural Mechanisms” is the topic of a German-Israeli symposium, funded by the Minerva-Stiftung, with the goal to connect scientists mainly from these two countries.

To study the question of how we understand others, researchers use diverse and complementary techniques, such as neuroimaging, lesion studies, pharmacological studies, physiological measurements, behavioral genetics, and studies of both healthy and clinical populations. Both Germany and Israel have laboratories who now use state-of-the-art techniques, such as hyperscanning (the recording of 2 or more people at the same time with EEG or fMRI) or intracranial recording (electrophysiological monitoring that uses electrodes placed directly on or inside the brain for monitoring epileptic seizures in patients, sometimes simultaneously used for scientific purposes within the hospital setting). We believe that this is a crucial time point in which the field of social neuroscience is developing in both countries, and the collaborations between social neuroscience researchers, sharing of knowledge, and raising a young generation of skilled scientists is of essence. As a young field, one of the main emphasis of the workshop will be on young independent scientists, and on post-doctoral trainees and PhD students. The workshop should provide a scale up of ongoing and creation of new collaborations between young German and Israeli scientists and their newly established research groups.